Charlie Weingroff - Jackson, NJ

Intensity, integrity, and intelligence.  I will have and continue to have unmitigated trust for Matt working with my referrals as well as having been a training partner for the better part of the last 7-10 years.

Dan Babayan - Hamilton, NJ

 As  a strength coach myself, I can only trust another coach with more  experience and knowledge than I have - Matt Maher is that guy. As a  former powerlifter coming off injury, I needed someone of a high-caliber  to help me rehab. Matt's knowledge of everything from functional  strength training and conditioning, to corrective exercise, to  kettlebell training, to powerlifting, to bodybuilding, and everything  else in between is second to none, and I still use tools I've learned  from him every single training session. I'm honored to call Matt my  coach, my colleague, and my friend, and recommend him to anyone who  takes their fitness seriously and needs a coach who's head-and-shoulders  above the rest. 

Cindy Prestigiacomo - Marlboro, NJ

 I’ve been training with Matt for almost 3 years now, and believe he is  one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started  training at the gym where Matt works and was always envious of the other  women he trained and wanted to be able to train with them. I saw the  changes in their bodies and how strong they are and wanted to have the  same experience.   I must be a glutton for punishment.  Matt is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session  challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and  I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete a longer plank/ core  exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push  myself harder throughout each session. I look forward to my workouts.  Importantly:  – He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.  – He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to  start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.  I thoroughly enjoy working out in this environment, and would recommend  Matt to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

James Faith - Freehold, NJ

I discovered Z-Health at the Fit for Life Training Center in  Marlboro, NJ. As a runner who was plagued with overuse injuries that  were invading my life, Z-Health has been a major game-changer. Matt has  been instrumental in helping me translate the Z-health practices I have  learned into structured fitness regimens that I can effectively  incorporate into my daily life. Where I used to have a phobia of  deadlifiting and squatting, it is now part of my regular workout  routine. Matt is incredible at not only giving you the "what" for your  workout, but the "how" of your workout. Every time I leave a session  with Matt, I feel I have made a significant neurological connection that  enhances my performance. Couple that with the fact that Matt is  patient, relatable , and an excellent communicator, and you can't get a  better trainer. Matt really is the pro you are looking for if you are  serious about your fitness and health.

Zach Meller - New Brunswick, NJ

When I first came to Matt I was suffering from chronic lower back pain  from what I came to learn was from lack of core strength, poor posture  and general weakness in areas of body I had never even thought about  training before.  In my time with Matt he worked with me on several day a week basis to  strengthen my core, lower and upper body through an ever changing  regimen of exercises.  Matt's insight covers a wide array of areas, for me it was namely  nutrition, movement and how to better balance my work/diet/health  outside of the gym has been tremendously helpful in my life.  Matt is extremely personable and takes pride in crafting unique workouts  to benefit the needs while taking into account the ability level of all  his clients.  He has been an extreme positive in my life. 

Jim Tortorici - Tinton Falls, NJ

I have been fortunate to benefit from Matt's training for the last 8  years. Matt is a highly knowledgeable personal  trainer who is skilled  at transferring that knowledge to his clients. I am consistently  impressed by Matt's customization & adaptation of our sessions to  best suit my personal needs and goals. Matt has helped me with weight  loss, strengthening, and pain management. At 54, I am committed to  continuing to develop and implement the skills, knowledge, and attitudes  Matt has helped me understand in pursuing optimal health. 

The  best part is the extent to which Matt helps me be my best in terms of  training and nutrition. He walks the walk and is an excellent teacher  and role model who provides the tools to keep growing & moving  towards a healthier life! Whether in personal training or in classes,  Matt's sessions are a key part of my week. I appreciate him greatly and  recommend him highly to anyone seeking to take it "to the next level"  starting right where you are.

Kyle Critelli - Toms River, NJ

I started training with Matt a few months ago after he was  recommended to me by another health professional. I had never been to a  trainer before, and despite being pretty fit, I definitely needed work  on my movement patterns. So, I took the drive from Toms River (about 45  minutes) and if my schedule allowed it, I would make that drive to train  with Matt everyday of the week. By the end of my first session we had  identified some of my imbalances and started to work on them and I can  feel the improvements every time I get to train with him. The workouts  are fun because they challenge me every time, Matt mixes things up  between kettle bells, resistance bands, the prowler, body weight, good  old fashioned barbells and plates and whatever else you can think of.
To  keep it short, the guy is a pro. Everything I have asked him, he has  had an answer for me, from my own routine when I'm training on my own,  to what my diet should look like. Bottom line, Matt was recommended to  me for a reason and there is a reason he works at such an amazing gym.  Matt just gets it done and is an awesome guy to train with.

Mareza Petrou - Manalapan, NJ

Matt has been working with my son for almost a year. He has motivated  him, and helped him obtain physical and mental strength! My son has  worked with many trainers over the years and Matt is the best by far! He  gets you fast results with a personalized plan. We can not say enough  good things about him!

Frank Larocca - Marlboro, NJ

I have been training all of my life and until I started working with  Matt no one has assessed my specific needs. Unlike typical trainers,  Matt has an uncanny ability to evaluate the way your body moves to  determine which exercises will optimize your functional movement. The  gains that I have experienced using Matt have been remarkable . If there  was a way to rate him higher than a 10 I would certainly do so .  Consider yourself lucky if Matt has the time to train you .